Goodbye Broken Futon

Last week, Taylor and I said bye to our little red futon couch. It lasted us well, but it was time to move on.   The "sinking in" factor was at an all time high ( or low dependng on how you look at it).

I found this lovely little gem via kijiji for $125. We literally had to remove our door to get it into our place,  but after a good vacumm, a simply febreezing and wipe down ( don't worry it was from a smoke/pet free home...I'm just anxious for it to smell like us) and a simple pillow refurbishing ( pillow covers made by me!!) it is now a beauty in our living quarters.


  1. that couch.. is gorgeous! and for 125$ it is outrageously amazing AND gorgeous. nice find!

  2. Thank you! Kijiji is just a treasure trove of amazing finds:)