Tux Tac Toe

This dress is probably my all time favorite dress in my wardrobe. I have a pretty fun story as to how I got my hands on this number. I know there are many that hate when I relay my stories as they tend to be lengthy  ( I call it detailed) but whatever...this is my blog and I can type if I want to.

In 2006 I found this dress on ebay and bid my hardest on it. Alas the price sky rocketed out of my range, and I was left dressless and defeated. I dreamt about this dress like crazy. I even made it the main focus of a final illustration that year. Months went by and soon I moved from little NB to ON. Through all of this, I still thought about this tiny tux dress. I even tried to find replicas on ebay, something that resembled the beautiful garment that had stolen my heart. My search always came up hopeless. Nothing compared. Then one night while I was surfing the 'Bay ( that would be ebay...I'm so clever sometimes) I came across the same model who had previously worn this dress...and I thought I wonder if she can still make the TUX??? You see, it was made from vintage velvet, and vintage lace...it had been over a year, was this even a possibility??? I sent a very enthusiastic email, wondering if she could create this wonderment for me. Alas, for a simple price of $116.00, she would make it for me.

My birthday was just around the corner...perfect opportunity to make this the BEST gift my parents could give me. So for my 24th birthday in April 2007...I received my handmade little tux dress all the way from Australia. It is such a classic little number that as you see, it is still just as relevant and adorable in 2012.

In further news, I made this table runner today. I was getting so sick of the Black & white floral number I had before, something had to be done. And this was the answer. 

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  1. nice table runner!! and tux-a-licious dress, my all time fave as well