A Tribute to the Ones That Bark

How fabulous is today?! It's sunny out, It's not below 0, I washed my hair, I ate a yummy breakfast, Penny is cute AND I am wearing some super cute new pieces today.

A few months ago, whilst at Fabricland, I came across this dog printed material in the discount bin. And by discounted I mean I got 3m of it for $4.50. I can't believe it's not butter EITHER!

Now I'm OK on a sewing machine, but I got my boss's darling mother to put this together for me. My three key words were: short, pleated and twirly. The finished product is definitely all three.

And do you see that little bow adorned at my collar? This was hand knit by the talented and ever so sweet ( but terrifically hilarious) Kristina Gottli. She was so clever as to keep it bare ( no backings) so I can wear it however I choose. In the hair, on my collar, as a brooch, on a belt, under my nose...the possibilities are endless. She also threw in a cream colored one, 2 pom poms and a cute little satchel. What a gal huh?! She needs to get on Etsy stat!

Have a wonderful Friday!

Top: Bluenotes ( I know...I never shop there either)
Skirt: Handmade by Irene 
Bow: Handmade by Kristina Gottli
Shoes: Wild Diva


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